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"The gift of God is Eternal Life"

Romans 6:23

"Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord"

Proverbs 16:20



You had more useful information than any of our other speakers, who were all excellent, but your style was especially conducive to conveying take-home value.



The quality of your work and the dynamics of your classes reflect your in depth knowledge of management, your professionalism and integrity provided our managers a thorough understanding of the topics presented.

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I appreciate your guidance and direction, but I also appreciate the confidence you had in me. Not only did you provide suggestions, you got in there and helped us get it done.



I have been in business for myself for the past fifteen years and I have met many people, however I have met only one that has accomplished not only what he said he would do, but went the extra mile time and again; this person goes by the name of Davis Woodruff.



Davis brought some good points that are often overlooked. Your preparation helped make your presentation pertinent to our group.



“Your session, Quality Management Keys to the Future, tied into our conference theme and provided solid and practical information for the participants to use in their businesses. It was evident you researched our needs and prepared the program for our members. Your manufacturing experience provided credibility with our audience and your style enabled you to relate well to our members.

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